1. Earth works;
  2. Bulk concrete and concrete construction erection, precast concrete and concrete construction assembly;
  3. Roofing works:
    • roll materials roofing;
    • polymer and bitumen-emulsion compound roofing;
    • single-piece materilas roofing;
    • metalware details roofing;
  4. Lighweight security constructions rigging:
    • metal works;
  5. Indoor engineering system and equipment mounting jobs:
    • Technical pipe, water and drainage lines, equipment, count and control facilities installation;
  6. Sea and river hydraulic facilities hydroengineering works at open and closed water areas:
    • barrage (earth dam) construction;
    • ports construction;
  7. Road building:
    • İ and İİ category highways;
    • İİİ, İV and V category roads;
  8. Industrial, civil and public objects construction:
    • Tribune type open sporting building;
    • up to 5000 (five thousand) humans and more content;
  9. Special equipment build and assembly:
    • pipeline;
    • magistral;